For Sellers

For Sellers:

The Old School/Traditional Approach to Real Estate:

Most agents/discount brokers practice the 3 P’s of real estate:

  1. Put a sign in the yard
  2. Place the house in the MLS service
  3. Pray it sells

This is a dumb luck strategy. Here are the statistical/typical results of this strategy:

  • Oftentimes, the home is not priced correctly because the agent doesn’t have the expertise to properly price it. This leads to the seller losing equity by pricing too low or potential appraisal complications a listing agent can’t justify to an appraiser.
  • The stats in the Atlanta market show that over 30% of all listings expire without selling.
  • The stats in the Atlanta market also show that of those homes sold in 2015, they sold for 96% of the original listing price (Ours sold for 99.2%-see below).
  • When the appraiser comes out to the property, the listing agent relies on hope that the home will appraise for the contract price.Hope is not a plan!
  • In certain situations, a low appraisal can remain with the property for 4 months ruining the seller’s ability to sell the property.

Our Technical Approach to Real Estate for Sellers (Why we are different)

Unlike the Traditional Three P’s, we represent our clients from a technical approach.We are privileged to have over 20 years of combined real estate and appraisal experience and have represented clients (buyers, sellers, builders, lenders and attorneys) in over 10,000 real estate transactions. Because of our appraisal background, we have a more comprehensive approach in pricing and negotiatingfor our clients.We have an advantage over traditional agents, because we have access to data sources through our appraisal company that a typical agent doesn’t have. We study market statistics every day and are experts in property values and market trends. Our analytical approach helps us price the property correctly the first time and avoids anxiety during the appraisal process.Our technical approach is the reason why we sell homes faster and for more money than our competition.

Our 5 stage process to selling your home:

    1. Preparing, staging, and pricing
      This is the most important step to selling your home. Our team in this stage includes realtors, appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, stagers, and interior designers. During this stage we will perform the following steps:

      • We measure your home to make sure we have the correct square footage.
      • We perform a complimentary appraisal of your hometo guarantee you are getting maximum value for your home.
      • We evaluate your home and recommend all items that will enhance your ability to sell. These items include: Repairs of deferred maintenance, staging advice, and tips to make your home more marketable to buyers in our current market.
      • Because of our appraisal background, we are able to give advice that will minimize frivolous spending and maximize your return on investment before selling.
      • We have referrals of the best and most reasonable priced contractors in the area if repairs or updates are needed.
    2. Marketing and selling your home
      We love stats! The stats show that we sell houses faster and for more money than our competition!In 2015, our listings sold for 99.2% of listing price (versus our competition at 96%), our listings were under contract in 18 days on average, and we sold 100% of our listings!!!
      Our team in this stage includes realtors, professional photographers, and marketing specialists. During this stage we will perform the following steps:

      • We hire professional photographers for ALL of our listings.
      • We use state of the art/innovative marketing of your home through Keller Williams Realtyshowcasing our listings to over 300 websites.
      • We market your home to our database which is over 10,000 people.
      • We promote your home through social media websites.
      • We host an open housefor your home.
      • We reverse prospect to other agents who have buyers actively looking in your marketing area.
      • We follow up with every agent that shows your home and ask for feedback so we can have as much information as possible to make informed decisions.
    3. Home Inspection
      We have been involved in over 10,000 real estate transactions. We have written/reviewed thousands and thousands of real estate contracts. Because of this experience, we are able to tell you what is a reasonable repair request from the buyer and what is not. During this stage we will perform the following steps:

      • We guide you through the process and educate you on what is a reasonable repair in our current real estate market.
      • We negotiate on your behalf to keep your concessions to a minimum.
      • Because of our appraisal background, we are able to advise you if any of the issues found in the home inspection with affect the buyer’s ability to get financing.
      • We work with one of the top home inspectors in Atlanta and are able to have him as a resource for advice when need.
    4. Appraisal and FinancingAccording to a recent National Board of Realtors article, the biggest obstacle in today’s real estate market is the appraisal. In a market with prices on the rise, appraisals are increasingly coming in under the agreed upon contract price.A low appraisal can force the seller to come down to low appraisal value or terminate the contract. In some cases, that low appraisal can stay with the property for 4 months. Instead of worrying about appraisal, our sellers know they are in good hands because they are represented by an appraiser! During this stage we will perform the following steps:
      • Once under contract, we meet/communicate directly with the bank’s appraiser and provide the best comparable sales to support our sales price.
      • Appraisers respect us because we are one of them. The lender’s appraiser knows we understand strict lender guidelines, and we can justify our pricing to them in a way that will pass the lender’s appraisal guidelines.
      • If there are any issues after the first meeting with the buyer’s appraiser, we will CHALLENGE the appraisal if there are any discrepancies. This combination ensures that we have the tools and knowledge necessary to fight for our home sellers’ rights in today’s more stringent lending environment.
      • We understand Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac appraisal guidelines better many underwriters. Because of this knowledge, we are able to fight the underwriter on unreasonable stipulations that may come from the appraisal.
    5. Getting to the closing table
      Our goal is to try to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. To accomplish this goal, we do a significant amount of tasks behind the scenes to ensure success that you won’t get from a traditional/discount agent. During this stage our closing coordinator will perform the following steps:

      • Send electronic reminders to all parties of all contract deadlines.
      • Send utility info sheet to seller.
      • Verify that we have a copy of earnest money.
      • Confirm that buyer has made loan application with the lender by contract deadline.
      • Verify buyer has received conditional loan approval letter.
      • Call lender regularly to check on status of the loan.
      • Call Attorney to verify title & HOA info sent to lender.
      • Verify lender has received Intent to Proceed.
      • Call lender to verify when the Closing Disclosure will be sent to buyer
      • Send all parties closing time, location, and directions.
      • Verify buyer has finalized insurance.
      • Order home warranty if needed.
      • Order termite inspection if required.
      • Call closing attorney to verify receipt of title order.
      • Call lender to verify appraisal has been ordered and received.
      • Inform seller of buyers walk through time and date.
      • Verify that attorney has all items needed to close.
      • Call lender to verify the signed Closing Disclosure was received from the buyer.
      • Call lender to verify a clear to close.
      • Call lender and attorney for closing package.