For Buyers

For Buyers:

The Old School/Traditional Approach to Real Estate:

Most buyers’ agents follow a very simple philosophy when it comes to buyers:

    1. Meet with the buyer and determine what they are looking for.
    2. Unlock the door .
    3. Sell the buyer on the reasons why they should buy the house without acknowledging any flaws/defects.
    4. Write up a contract without review comparables.
    • HOPE that the seller takes the offer
    • HOPE that the home passes the home inspection
    • HOPE that the home will appraise for the contract price
    • HOPE that the nothing goes wrong with the lender and closing attorney
    • HOPE that the buyers close on their new home

HOPE is not a plan and you certainly don’t want to be represented by HOPE!!!

The reality is it takes just a 75 hour class to become a practicing realtor. The barrier of entry is very low, and unfortunately the quality of representation reflects this at times.

Our Technical Approach to Real Estate for Buyers (Why we are different)

Unlike the Traditional Agent’s Hope Plan, we represent our clients from a technical approach. We are privileged to have over 20 years of combined real estate and appraisal experience and have represented clients (buyers, sellers, builders, lenders and attorneys) in over 10,000 real estate transactions. Because of our appraisal background, we have a more comprehensive approach in finding great deals and negotiating for our clients. We have an advantage over traditional agents, because we have access to data sources through our appraisal company that a typical agent doesn’t have. We study market statistics every day and are experts in property values and market trends. Our analytical approach helps us find the best dealsand our clients get instant equity at closing. In addition, we have written/reviewed over 10,000 contracts and we know how to protect our clients contractually.

Our 5 stage process for buyers:

    1. Interview session to understand your needs and to create a customized home search
      This is the one of the most important steps to finding your new home. We will interview you to understand the most important factors of your search. We will ask you and help your prioritize your needs of timing (optimal closing date), price range, area, style of home, bedroom count, bathroom count, preferred age of home, and preferred school district. If you don’t know where you want to live or are relocating, we feel we have a major competitive advantage over traditional agents. Because we study market statistics daily, we know the areas which are appreciating the fastest in the Atlanta market and can show you the best deals in these areas. Once this is complete we will perform the following steps:

      • Customized set up on a concierge MLS search. This will send us the listings in real time once they hit the market so there is no delay in you missing a listing like many of the large general public sites. We will sort through the listings for you once they come on the market. If we feel they meet your criteria, we forward them to you through the concierge service.
      • Market your search to others agents that have homes coming on the market in the near future so you can see the home before the general public.
      • Market your search to our database of thousands of clients that might have homes coming on the market in the near future so you can see the home before the general public.
    2. Find your perfect home and get it under contract
      This is the fun part of the process! Once we have identified homes that are properly priced, we take you to view the property. We don’t believe in selling you a property. Our clients have told us repeatedly that they respect that we point out the flaws of a home as much as the positives. We truly want clients for life and try to act accordingly. Once you decide you want to make an offer on a home, we will perform the following steps:

      • We perform appraisals for you before you make an offer on the property of interest, assuring a WISE INVESTMENT for you.
      • Because of our appraisal background, we will let you know if there is anything about the property that could affect your ability to get a mortgage or be a lending issue.
      • We will notify the agent that we are presenting an offer and to verify no other offers have been submitted.
      • We have studied thousands of contracts and will write a contract that protects you!
      • We will negotiate the contract for you. Working with a certified residential appraiser/realtor gives you a substantial advantage in negotiations because of our knowledge of pricing and home values.
      • Get the home under contract.
    3. Home Inspection
      We have been involved in over 10,000 real estate transactions. We have written/reviewed thousands and thousands of real estate contracts. Because of this experience, we are able to tell you which items are most likely for a seller to repair. During this stage we will perform the following steps:

      • We can recommend one of the top Home Inspectors in Atlanta to you. He is the chief inspector/trainer for Atlanta’s largest inspection company.
      • We guide you through the process and educate you on what is a reasonable repair request in our current real estate market.
      • We negotiate on your behalf to get as many concessions as possible from the seller.
      • Because of our appraisal background, we are able to advise you if any of the issues found in the home inspection with affect yourability to get financing.
      • We have a team of contractors that can advise you on the cost of repair on any repair issue.
    4. Appraisal and Financing
      According to a recent National Board of Realtors article, the biggest obstacle in today’s real estate market is the appraisal. In a market with prices on the rise, appraisals are increasingly coming in under the agreed upon contract price.Our clients don’t have to worry because we handle the appraisals in stage 2 of our buying process. Instead of worrying about the appraisal, OUR BUYERS KNOW THAT THEY ARE IN GOOD HANDS BECAUSE THEY ARE REPRESENTED BY AN APPRAISER!! Every buyer that we have EVER represented has appraised for more than their contract price (INSTANT EQUITY!) per our client’s bank appraisal.
    5. Getting to the closing table
      We ensure it that our clients have a stellar experience between the close of due diligence to their seat at the closing table. This is far from the traditional/discount agent’s protocol. During this stage our closing coordinator will perform the following steps:

      • Send electronic reminders to all parties of all contract deadlines.
      • Send utility info sheet to seller.
      • Verify that we have a copy of earnest money.
      • Confirm that buyer has made loan application with the lender by contract deadline.
      • Verify buyer has received conditional loan approval letter.
      • Call lender regularly to check on status of the loan.
      • Call Attorney to verify title & HOA info sent to lender.
      • Verify lender has received Intent to Proceed.
      • Call lender to verify when the Closing Disclosure will be sent to buyer
      • Send all parties closing time, location, and directions.
      • Verify buyer has finalized insurance.
      • Order home warranty if needed.
      • Order termite inspection if required.
      • Call closing attorney to verify receipt of title order.
      • Call lender to verify appraisal has been ordered and received.
      • Inform seller of buyers walk through time and date.
      • Verify that attorney has all items needed to close.
      • Call lender to verify the signed Closing Disclosure was received from the buyer.
      • Call lender to verify a clear to close.
      • Call lender and attorney for closing package.